Furry Friends for March 21, 2018

To adopt or reclaim any of these pets, contact Conour Animal Shelter at 852-3366 or 2825 Sherman Ave., Monte Vista, between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Also see www.slvanimalshelter.com.

Daisy, above, is a mature pitt. She has been in a home most of her life and seems to like other dogs. We aren't sure about cats though!

Schmoosh is and older pug. He gets along well with other animals and children. He is very well socialized and seems to be house trained too!

Courage is about 4 months old. He is a true Pitt. He needs someone who understands the breed and is willing to train him. Please remember Conour does background checks and home checks on all bulls and bully breeds!


Dart is a 2-year-old Chi mix. He is a very well socialized little guy! He will have his cherry eye removed prior to adoption. 

This sweet buddy is about a year old and a very nice dog. She is just the right age to train to be your running buddy, camping friend or all-around house pet!