Furry Friends from November 30, 2017

Valley Humane League has several dogs for adoption. Please call the shelter at 589-3385, see alamosavalleyhumaneleague.org or visit 6414 Co. Rd. 107 S, right next to Alamosa Valley Veterinary (Alpine Vet) Alamosa, Monday - Saturday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

These two terrier mix dogs are Wiley (the larger one) and Scamper, the smaller one.  Wiley is just over a year old and is house trained! He uses the doggy door (at his foster home) loves walks and playing with toys. Scamper is not quite a year yet, is still puppy-ish. He plays well with the other dogs and is a delight to watch his antics.  He does not know how to use the doggy door yet and is working on house training. 

dogs in danger 034

This is “Winter.” He was rescued from a disgusting, sick “sport” of dog fighting. He is a lovey dovey.  He gets along with other dogs and is free as long as he gets neutered and a home inspection is made. He is just 2 years old, loves to catch the ball, but won’t quite return it yet.

dogs in danger 037

Bruno is a loving dog. He especially likes his walks and playing ball in the play yard. However, he does not get along with all dogs. He is free of charge, but he has to be neutered first. 

dogs in danger 040

This puppy and her sister are part Pyrenees. They are a bit shy as they were born and raised out in a field. They have come around nicely, however. They will be medium large dogs. They are just 4 months old now.