Gallegos seeks San Luis mayoral position

SAN LUIS — Tiffany Gallegos is running for mayor of the town of San Luis.

The daughter of Walter and Elsie Gallegos, Tiffany Gallegos is a fourth generation native to San Luis. Her family members were San Luis pioneers.

“I am proud to be a citizen of the oldest established town of Colorado,” she said. “Being pioneers, along with other families of our community, it is important to preserve our heritage and culture. My parents have always given back to our community. I am following their legacy. I want to give back to our community. I want to help make our community to become whole again.”

One of Gallegos’ goals is to have a better working relationship with the county. She would like to try to build relationships with outside entities to bring different programs for local youth, elderly and other community members.

She stressed that she would like the monthly town meetings to be more inviting to the public and wants to make sure San Luis follows the Colorado Sunshine Law.

In addition to fostering local relationships, Gallegos would like to become more involved with the Colorado Municipal League to help bring economic development and social connection.

Another of her goals is to restore the older buildings in town “because history is a big part of whom we are being pioneers of San Luis. I want to maintain our unique culture and our future.”

She added, “I know our community needs many things. I want to form committees that can help implement issues we are facing.”

Gallegos stressed, “Our community’s voice should be heard. The Town of San Luis public meetings are where ideas and concerns are voiced. I would like to hear from the community and listen to your ideas and concerns.”

She said she would work hard to implement or fix the issues citizens might have.

“I have discovered that we are not as informed as we should be,” she said. “I will use a variety of ways to keep everyone informed and will provide the community with proper information to the town budget, minutes, etcetera.”

Gallegos said she believed she was the right person for the job of mayor and would do her best as mayor without ill will towards anyone, “as nothing productive comes from negative talk.”

She said she would develop a cohesive working relationship with the trustees. “We need to work together to get things done,” she said.

She concluded, “This is the time for my generation to step up and do what is needed for our community. It is time for San Luis to make a change from the current status quo. Let’s make the change together.”