'Grillers' come from all over to ‘Beat the Heat’

Alamosa Mayor Ty Coleman presents a Bloody Mary to the crowd during Saturday’s Bloody Mary showdown. Courier photo by Stephen Jiron

Getting’ Basted takes home top KCBS honors, Stoake-D-Fire earns reserve

ALAMOSA— The San Luis Valley Beat the Heat Barbecue Festival took place this past weekend with plenty of activities for all ages. Friday was the ‘Kids Q’, Bloody Mary Showdown and the annual Brewers Classic Cornhole Tournament. Saturday closed the festivities with the Hogwaller Mud Run, People’s Choice Sampling, and a Beerfest all to complement the Kansas City Barbecue Society sanctioned competition.
Winners in all competitions were announced soon thereafter.

Master Series
Rank Team Name Total
1 Gettin' Basted 701.1200
2 StoakeDFire.com 695.4056
3 Triple H Bbq 692.5028
4 Proud Souls Barbecue 691.9772
5 Brinkerhoff Bbq 689.6688
6 Clark Crew Bbq 688.5260
7 Heifers, Butts, & Clucks Bbq 687.4400
8 High Desert Holy Smoke Bbq 686.2284
9 Needs More Cowbell Bbq 683.4516
10 Meat Machine Bbq 683.3944

People's Choice
1 Poppa Pig and Porkchop
2 Flying Mookey Q
3 Pig Farmer's BBQ
4 3 Lil' Mac's BBQ
5 Wild Hogs BBQ
6 Rocket Boys Pyro BBQ
7 Needs More Cowbell
8 Good to Go BBQ
9 Outback Cookin & Catering
10 Rooster's Competition BBQ
11 DragonFyreSmoke

Kids Q 5-10
Rank Team Name Total
1 Claire Proud Souls Barbecue 173.1200
2 Sawyer 3 Lil' Mac's BBQ 172.5944

Kids Q 11+
Rank Team Name Total
1 Kayleigh 3 Lil' Mac's BBQ 179.4400
2 Ciera Good To Go BBQ 174.2972
3 Gianna Proud Souls Barbecue 170.8572
4 Jackson Salted Anchor 169.1656
5 Lola Flying Mookey Q 155.3716

To view the complete Master Series results as well as individual categories visit KCBS.us


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