‘Grounds for celebration,’ coffee house celebrates 20th

ALAMOSA - You could say this day has been “brewing” for the last 20 years.

On Saturday, Dec. 9, Milagros Coffee House invites the community to its 20th anniversary party, a day-long celebration taking place at the coffee house, located at the corner of State Avenue and Main Street in Alamosa.

But the coffee house’s adventures began in a very different place.

The idea for a coffee house came from the community - the customers at Rainbow’s End Thrift Store. At that time, the manager had set up a corner of the store with some tables and chairs, calling it “Tea and Sympathy.” It quickly became a place for a free cup of coffee or tea and friendly conversation.

The board members of La Puente Home recognized the potential of a coffee house to offer job skills and training, as well as becoming a welcome place for the public. So the store next to Rainbow’s End, now the Hunt Avenue Boutique, was purchased and filled with donations from the community, including couches, chairs and appliances.

Just before the coffee house was to open, however, it was found that commercial appliances were needed, not residential ones. The cost to purchase what was required was estimated to be $10,000, out of the range of the organization.

But as the board started to abandon the project, the Colorado Lottery held its annual drawing for a nonprofit, where a lottery player could write the name of the organization on the back of a non-winning tickets and mail it back to the lottery offices. As the announcer said the name of La Puente Home in Alamosa, those watching at the shelter burst into cheers and applause.

The lottery winnings given to La Puente were for $10,000, exactly the amount needed for the coffee house to open its doors. As a result, Milagros — the Spanish word for miracles — opened its doors.

Since those first days, Milagros Coffee House moved into the corner spot on State

Avenue and Main Street, where it now resides. The recent addition of a new sign, paid for by a group of generous donors, helps guide both new and old customers to its doors.

This Saturday is meant to be a “thank-you” for the community that has supported

Milagros Coffee House all these years. In addition to food and drink specials, live music, and a historical displays, the store will also feature for the entire month of December artwork from artists that have shown previously at the coffee house throughout the years.

The store, located at 529 State Ave. in Alamosa, is open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. every day.

For more information about the anniversary, please call the coffee house at 719-589-9299.