Guest Opinion: A thank you note to Tu Casa

The year after my father passed, I found myself in dire straits — emotionally, financially and physically. After having vacated my life of seven years in the San Luis Valley to take care of Pops in his two final years back east, I was left homeless in the circumstances. After wandering many thousands of miles seeking some sense of home and stability, I found myself back in Colorado, the San Luis Valley to be exact — only to enter yet another desperately hazardous domestic situation. About a year ago, the scene came to a rapid boil on a full moon night in a public arena in Alamosa, Colorado and the law was called to intervene — thankfully and finally. The secrecy of the situation alone can eat one from the inside.

The night of the episode, I was referred to Tu Casa, Inc. for advocacy and support. I remember calling Tu Casa’s Hotline early Monday morning — after a long, arduous weekend. The hotline volunteer assured me kindly that staff would be available at the crack of 9 a.m. Hold on, help is on its way — in other words. These people work tirelessly to provide a help network that is absolutely necessary in the recovery of one’s sanity and well-being.

I called back shortly after 9 a.m. to find an advocate immediately available. I so desperately needed someone to hear me out. I was lent the ears of one of the best listeners in the world for what seemed like an indefinite amount of time, in contrast with the abrupt endings I’ve often suffered when visiting with professional counselors in the past. So many times, I’ve left these visits feeling more unraveled than when I arrived. The advocate kept calm in the face of my crisis, which in and of itself, helps immensely. In addition, she offered me helpful, sane and practical advice for helping me restructure my life and regain my footing.

The on-going legal entanglements often brought up a replay of the event and a lot of frantic emotions for me. It was immensely helpful for me to be able to call upon a trusted advocate at Tu Casa — who even went so far as to accompany me to court hearings, which were taut and tight with tension. The value of having someone stand beside you in a pinch is beyond measure. All along the way, I wondered how I could ever repay this organization, which asks for nothing and gives so much, so selflessly. Tu Casa has given me the support to stabilize and get on with my life.

Now that I am miles away and many moons from the situation, I am able to see with clarity how pivotal Tu Casa’s support has been in the recovery of my dignity, which is magnetic to healthier relationships. Thanks, Tu Casa.  Keep up the good work, which amounts to saving lives. My love and appreciation goes to you on behalf of all who benefit from your embrace — past, present and future.

Domestic violence can no longer be ignored and we must work together to raise awareness and end domestic violence. If you need help or know someone who does, call our local 24 hour crisis/assistance hotline at 719-589-2465.


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