Guest Opinion: Join La Puente in embracing Christmas

In a time where the world may feel divided, separated by ideologies, religion, ethics or morals, the Christmas season is a gift given to humanity. A peace offering from the heavens, a tool we can use to tear down the corrosive barriers we tend to build subconsciously creating isolation between ourselves. The Christmas season is an extension of our hearts — of our innate ability to be kind, empathetic and charitable.

Every Christmas season can be approached with intention and cheer. If you look closely, The San Luis valley is decorated with subtle reminders, to embrace the peaceful light that surrounds us all this holiday season. Christmas lights, bursting with warm colors decorate homes. Pine trees stand tall; each branch carefully decorated with ornaments, and crystal snowflakes glide effortlessly through the air.   These are antidotes that remind us to embrace the vibrant and luminous environment that comes each Christmas. In the same way, Christmas calls upon the beauty within us, to comfort, and conscience willfully with those whom you love and with those you have yet to discover, you love. Our consciousness is directed towards expansion, insisting that we take time to understand one another. If we choose to accept the Christmas spirit, we can better shine a light on what or who, may seem invisible to the conditioned eye.

Christmas, and all that it brings, helps us understand as a community that we are much more similar than we are different. We are interconnected with similar desires to feel loved, accepted, and noticed.  The cheer that accompanies this season belongs to everyone. The love that blooms through conversation, words of affirmation, or a gentle touch is meant to be felt. It is our responsibility as humans, as people that are in charge of shaping our own culture, to make sure anyone we come in contact with has the opportunity to experience the magic that is love- which is Christmas.

At La Puente, we value our community. We find significance in a helping hand, in encouragement and support. We believe instilling dignity for all arrives through compassion and empathic actions. La Puente strives to create opportunity despite circumstance and provide hope in times where it may be hard to find. This Christmas season, and the ones that will follow, La Puente plans to embrace the Christmas spirit. On December 15th beginning at noon, the shelter doors will open with a warm offer. It is an offer of love, a celebration of unity open for anyone wishing to celebrate with Christmas cheer. The day is designated to providing people, both young and old, with a memorable and comforting experience.  This Christmas season, you are invited to be a part of our celebration of community. Please join us as we enjoy the company of Santa Claus, exchange gifts for all who attend, and converse over a warm home cooked meal. The event will end at 3pm and is located at 913 State Avenue. We hope you can join us! If you are looking to volunteer, donate or have questions on how to become more involved, please contact the Director of Outreach Services by email at [email protected] or by phone (719) 587-3181. And remember, Christmas is a time designated to pause, to be present in the moment and appreciate one another. Happy Holidays to you and yours


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