Heredia charged with tampering

ALAMOSA – School board president Elias (Eli) Heredia has been charged with second degree criminal tampering in an alleged incident with fellow school board member Katrina Brown.

T h e t a m p e r i n g charge was issued b a s e d o n H e r e d i a allegedly removing Brown’s keys from her vehicle in the City Market parking lot on July 6. Brown said the keys were eventually returned to her husband, Dylan, by overnight package from Heredia and therefore the incident was not considered theft.

Heredia’s statement to the Alamosa Police Department concerning the key incident said, “ah I just did it to be an ass.” Surveillance video from City Market clearly showed Heredia in the vicinity of Brown’s car according to the police report.

Citing the key tampering and a claim of an alleged incident involving she and Heredia at a Denver hotel in late February, Brown filed for and received a restraining order from Alamosa County Court. She has requested a permanent restraining order which will be heard on August 10.

Stipulations in the restraining order allow Heredia to have contact with Brown on official school board business. Brown said the first incident occurred in Denver on Feb. 27, 2020 as she, Heredia and Superintendent Rob Alejo were attending a legislative meeting for the Colorado Association of School Boards. She posted her feelings about the incident on Facebook.

This comes as Alejo faces felony assault charges from an unrelated incident that occurred just over a year ago.


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