Hikers rescued from Little Bear

ALAMOSA COUNTY — Three people have been safely rescued after spending almost 24 hours on top of Little Bear Peak. According to the Alamosa Volunteer Search and Rescue Facebook page, Chris Flores with the Alamosa County Sheriff's Department called AVSAR at approximately 3 p.m. Sunday to look for the three subjects on Little Bear Peak.

The trio, two men and one woman in their early 40s, used their personal Spot satellite tracker to notify the International Emergency Response Coordination Center dispatcher after encountering a rockslide. The IERCC relayed the message to CSP Dispatch.

AVSAR put their team on standby and arranged for a hasty team to try to rescue them. Flight For Life inserted the hasty team at around 8 p.m. Sunday.

Hiking all night, the team reached the subjects at 5 a.m. Monday. The hasty team members could not get their equipment through because the only route was too narrow. With wind gusts reaching 40 miles per hour, the hasty team was forced to turn back.

AVSAR contacted the Colorado Search and Rescue Board to send out a page for statewide resources as well as the Colorado National Guard for an airlift.

The men and woman suffered no injuries but were cold and suffering from high altitude sickness, since they didn’t have overnight gear. They had had not moved from their location on the summit because they feared for another rockslide.

By noon on Monday all three subjects had been safely hoisted from the summit and all teams en route were told to stand down.

Caption: Andrew McClure and Kraig Fairhurst participate in the search and rescue operation to bring three stranded hikers down from Little Bear Peak. Photo courtesy of Alamosa Volunteer Search and Rescue