Holiday Weight Loss Challenge Check-in-Jesus Felix

Jesus Felix (photo courtesy of Michael Mora)

ALAMOSA — People all over the Valley are participating in the San Luis Valley Weight Loss Challenge. It's important to remember healthy diet along with getting up and getting active.
But implementing these into one's life are only a few pieces to the puzzle. Keeping a positive mind set and surrounding oneself with healthy influences is another aspect to maintaining a lifestyle change of any kind. With that in mind Organizer Michael Mora caught up with Jesus Felix, owner of JFlex Sport in Alamosa to help the Weight Loss Challenge participants stay motivated and get to know Felix a little better.    

Q: What inspires you?     
JF: Wanting to be the best

Q: Advice to your 20 year old self?    
JF: Take life more serious
Q: Who were your childhood heroes? Why?    
JF: Kobe Bryant, showed dedication and focus, the Executioner, Michael Jordan
Q: Something you’ve always wanted to do    
     but haven’t?
JF: Climb Everest but will be doing a 16er in 2018
Q: What does your diet look like?
JF: 75-80% nutritious

Q: Favorite “Cheat” meals?
JF: Pizza

Q: Favorite Food?
JF: Casseroles

Q: Current role model?
JF: Deontay Wilder-Boxer
Q: What do you love about living in Colorado?
JF: The Mountains and available outdoor activity
Q: What does it mean to be successful?
JF: To be happy
Q: What made you get into the fitness industry?
JF: Self-Empowerment/ Trying to feed my body
Q: What is something you feel you see differently than other people?
JF: Success
Q: Anything you want people to know about you that most don’t know?
JF: I’m a cowboy at heart

Q: Favorite exercise to do?
JF: Standing Shoulder Press second favorite is Deadlift
Q: What does your daily schedule/routine look like?
JF: Wake up at 6:30 am eat, workout head to work, eat then workout again, in bed by 9ish
Q: Best advice ever received?
JF: “Always be myself”

Q: Favorite Superhero? Why?
JF: None-Ace Ventura
Q: Where would you choose to live if you could live anywhere?
JF:  Mexico on a ranch in the Mountains
Q: Current habit you want to change?
JF: Losing Stuff, keeping track of stuff better
Q: What does your gymlist/playlist look like?    
JF: Tupac, Snoop, Marilyn Manson, Rap, Rock