Hooper honors Garner

HOOPER — The Hooper Town Board is proud to announce that Hooper resident Larry “Animal” Garner is a recipient of the Hooper Outstanding Community Member Award. The award was presented to Garner at the Town Hall by Mayor Ray Newmyer on March 21.

Larry Garner is a Colorado native and a Navy veteran. He spent six year in the Navy where he earned the nickname “Animal” and it has stuck with him to this day.

A life full of characters, places and machinery has provided him with a multitude of stories and many have been an inspiration for his writing. Larry’s first novel, D-E-D Dead, was a top-three finalist in 2013 in the Colorado Book Awards Crime and Mystery category presented by the Colorado Humanities Center. 

DED Reckoning, Vengeance takes a road trip, his second book, was also nominated in 2017.

Larry has designed, built, and painted motorcycles, hot rods, race cars, and other custom vehicles for him and others for more than 45 years. He has earned his living as a welder, fabricator, mechanic, and as a general Mr. Fixit. He has founded and run three different non-profit organizations dedicated to making life better for the children in his community.

The Town of Hooper is proud to have Larry “Animal” Garner as a member of the community.

Caption: Hooper Mayor Ray Newmyer presents the Hooper Outstanding Community Member Award to author Larry “Animal” Garner. Courtesy photo