How the city goes about filling potholes

ALAMOSA — In the springtime of each year, large swings in temperatures subject our paved roads to severe freeze/thaw cycles. Water enters through cracks in the roads and then freezes at night, causing the cracks to expand. When that moisture thaws as daytime temperatures rise the cracks contract. That expansion and contraction breaks up small areas of the road, and as traffic passes over these areas, it creates potholes.

Every spring, City crews locate and patch these potholes on a regular basis. Patching involves filling them with an asphalt mix, which is bound together with a tar-like substance and covered with small gravel to give the pothole a hardened surface. Cars driving over these patches further harden and compact the pothole over the course of a few days. Once fully cured, street sweepers pass over the pothole patches to remove any loose gravel that may remain.

To report a pothole, please visit the city website here.

See photos for examples of patches at different stages.