In Appreciation of Herman Sisneros

CENTER — Mayor Herman Sisneros was born and raised in Center, CO. His political career started eight years ago as a trustee of the Town Board, then held the position of Mayor for six of those eight years. On April 7th, 2020, his term as mayor came to an end. Although he may not be in office anymore, he will continue to be an active member in the community to ensure that the town continues to move forward. As his term draws near, we would like to highlight some of the many accomplishments that Mayor Sisneros, the Trustees of the Town Board, and the community of Center have fulfilled, and continue to strive for.

When Mayor Sisneros first took office, one of his first initiatives was to bring the community together as one again. To begin to accomplish that goal, it was time to bring some holiday cheer back into Center, Colorado. Mayor Sisneros, with the assistance of Betty Skeff, organized the inaugural Christmas parade, which continues to grow every year, in collaboration with the Town of Center and the Kiwanis Club! The next holiday event that had been organized under Mayor Sisneros, Adrian Duran, and the Town Board was the inaugural Fourth of July celebration. Local business and the community members from all across the San Luis Valley were invited to celebrate Independence Day with food, drinks, vendors, water park and activities for the kiddos, a variety of live bands, and to finish off with fireworks. The Fourth of July celebrations also continue to grow each year!

The community growing didn’t stop there! Mayor Sisneros, in collaboration with Adrian Duran, organized “Bands at the Park”, where they contracted with bands near and far, of different genres of music, to perform for the community at the Casa Blanca Pavillion. So many community members joined to dance and sing with each other on those long summer nights.

Just as much as there are fun times and celebrations, there is also business to accomplish. Mayor Sisneros helped to bring Center, CO to the 21st century and create an environment safe for all residents. In the span of Mayor Sisneros’ term, the board approved for the construction of a new water tower, the construction of Casa Blanca Park and water park, the Veteran’s Memorial Wall, street maintenance consisting of new LED street lights throughout the town, improved the town park, and developed a collaboration with the sanitation department to provide higher quality service. The construction of Casa Blanca Park on Main Street was in remembrance of the old town hall building that had previously stood in the location of the park. Still in the works are the plans for recently purchased property and if there is a future for housing developments or possible business to be housed in the center of the valley.

Overall, Center continues to prosper. Mayor Sisneros and his Board of Trustees lit the fire, and now it is time to pass the torch. We want to thank Mayor Sisneros and the Board of Trustees for all their dedication to the Town of Center, their continued support, and all their hard work to get the town up! Mayor Sisneros would like to say to the community of Center and to the Town Board, “Thank you for your continued support. I love the people and the town of Center. Thank you for an amazing six years!”

Interviewed and written by Linda Sisneros – Mother of Mayor Herman Sisneros, Christina Sisneros – Daughter of Mayor Herman Sisneros, and Michael Sisneros – Son


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