In support of John Divine

We write in response to the front page story on September 1 that is the account of a sheep man pleading guilty to coyote and eagle poisoning. We do agree that killing of these birds and wild animals is sad. Our response is tell the other side of the story. We know that during the winter of 2016 there was snow on the ground and that packs of coyotes were coming to kill Rancher Divine‘s sheep and lambs.  This makes a dandy meal for coyotes and the eagles that fly in for the clean-up. His decision was that “I must protect my sheep which are our livelihood.”

We feel that the Department of Game and Fish should help him control these coyotes: instead Mr. Divine was fined $8,283.50, an amount that is hard to come by. Our question is, “What is the Game and Fish doing to help control this predator?”

Harold and Margaret Rominger

Monte Vista


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