Information needed on impacts of the Spring Creek Fire on the SLV

VALLEY — The Colorado Department of Local Affairs has asked San Luis Valley DRG/COG to assist in gathering information on the impacts of the Spring Creek Fire.

Any anecdotal information or stories about fire impacts on business and tourism in the Valley is useful. This could include room cancellations, drop in receipts, issues due to communications interruptions, or any other consequences resulting from the fire.

The information will help show the real impact of the fire and may open up other funding opportunities.

There is a variety of reasons to collect such information:

·  Provides a view of understanding the magnitude of a disaster

· Allows the evaluation of a range of federal disaster relief programs

· Directs state resources towards the highest priority need

·  Allows emergency managers to tie different disasters together to under the entire statewide impact.

This is a fast turnaround; DRG needs information by Tuesday, July 17, so it might compile it for DOLA. There will likely be future requests for similar information; this is a start.

Please forward information to Hew Hallock at [email protected].