Inside the Intern's Mind: Summers fly by

Just like that another summer has passed. I am starting to notice that summers have kind of felt like summers but are a different type of summer.

The past couple of years have been filled with work and school but now more specifically work. It’s the days on the weekends that feel like summer.

I always joked around with my niece saying I would go do what she was planning on doing and she would come to work for me, but she wasn’t the biggest fan of that.

Attending meetings throughout the last two months was different than going to meetings now because instead of hearing “What are you doing this summer?” it was now “How was your summer?” The most common response is always not long enough.

Back in middle school and high school, days were spent for family vacations, going to Six Flags or floating the river, various things of that sort. I wish I could go back and tell myself to not spend so much time inside and to do my summer reading the day before school started back up.

In all honesty, doing homework during those weird teen years was the last thing I wanted to do. Little did I know, I would be taking summer courses for two summers in a row. I am off-topic now, back to what I originally was writing about.

This summer was different especially living in a different state and I loved everything about it. Living in the Valley grew on me and I am appreciative for having spent time here.

It also helps I was able to live with my family and get to spend a summer living with my brother for the first time since I was 12 because I have a feeling that won’t happen again. If it does, I promise to him and my future sister-in-law to turn down the sass, so my niece doesn’t sound like a mini version of me.

Working at the Courier has taught me so much and I will take this experience with me as I continue in the future. Thank you to the Courier for taking a chance on a random girl from Texas. This has been a summer to never forget.


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