K.C. at Bat: Must see for small businesses

Every small business owner in the San Luis Valley needs to see Creede Repertory Theatre’s latest production “General Store.”

Following Friday night’s “world premiere”, the humorous yet moving play by Brian Watkins outlines the trials and tribulations of small business ownership. Called possibly the “most spectacularly technical show” CRT has ever produced, audiences will witness an incredible set and surprise ending.

Courier reporter Jefferson Geiger will review this manifest stage performance next week after witnessing the production at its official debut, so we won’t play the “spoiler” role and relate too many details here.

We were fortunate enough to see the preview on Thursday thanks to co-sponsors Bob and Dixie Slater, Bob being a former president of the CRT board of directors whom I had the pleasure of serving under on the BOD.

As posted on Facebook by CRT, “General Store” is “a visual and storytelling treat not to be missed.”

According to CRT’s web site, “General Store” involves store owner Mike’s determination to keep his faltering general store up and running and “he’ll let nothing get in the way; not his wily daughters, the trucker who thinks he’s dead, the rancher who thinks he’s dying, or even the blizzard outside.

“But something is under the floorboards. And it’s getting louder and hungrier.”

“General Store” was the most talked-about play in the Headwaters New Play Festival a year ago and “will grip you until final blackout.”

Other theatres across the country reviewed Watkins’ masterpiece and said they didn’t think they could pull it off. The staff, cast and crew said, “never, say never.”

A speaker at a recent economic summit in Alamosa made a point that the most successful small businesses in America failed at some point, but rebounded to prevail.

“Mike” might fail, but as we all know, the key to success is customer service. The closing line in “General Store” says it all.  “May I help you.”