Kid’s Like Me: this is Qiana’s story

I had both parents until I was five years old. They were both alcoholics and loved to smoke; they did a lot of crack.

I was emotionally abused and neglected. I was physically and sexually abused, but not by my parents.

My family is made up of a lot of drinkers. My drugs of choice are meth and marijuana, which I used the majority of my teens. I have used alcohol since I was little, but I want to stop using drugs and alcohol. 

I started using drugs and drinking alcohol when I was little, because it was the environment I lived in. 

I was born in Alamosa, but I grew-up in Capulin. I have a younger brother and one older sister -- we’re two years apart. I only know three of my grandparents and I’m very close to them, especially my grandma Linda.

I kind of wanted to be a teacher when I grew up.

I wasn’t in band in school, but music is my life now. I love to play the guitar. I loved basketball and was on a team for a while, but things at home got to me and I didn’t keep up my grades -- I was kicked off the basketball team because of it.

I didn’t do good in school. I was always in detention. My teachers would fight with me a lot because I couldn’t focus. I didn’t have support in school or at home. I had a different best friend every year.

My mom and I were close, and she never hid anything from me when she got sober. When she got out of rehab, she took me to church. I believe in God. He is my best friend along with being my good Father.

I want to stop using drugs and alcohol because they have negatively affected my whole life. 

I almost got married once, but I didn’t. I don’t have children, but it makes me anxious and nervous thinking about the possibility of my future children using drugs and alcohol.

I will do my best to protect them from using drugs and alcohol. I love kids and would never hurt them the way I got neglected and abused.

I am a Libra and I’m artistic. I love to write raps and poems. I used to draw all the time, but I couldn’t keep focused enough to finish a picture. I would write a lot about my life and everything I was going through.

If I could change anything, I would change the fact that I’m always locked-up. 

My advice for addict parents: God Bless you, he will save you if you give him the chance. 

My advice for grandparents raising their grandchildren, because the addict parents can’t due to their addiction: Pray, let go, let God. Control what you can righteously and let him do the rest.

Kids like me, love God like you do your mom or yourself and treat everyone with love, regardless. 

If I woke-up tomorrow morning and everything in my life was perfect, my family would be able to do as they please with no sorrow, just Joy.


Thank You for sharing your story Qiana. You are definitely a kid like me.

“ You Left Me for No Reason”

by Hannah Smallwood

You had me, you left me, you never cared.

I was your second child and still you weren’t prepared.

On the lonely nights when I was sad,

You were the one who made me feel bad.

You were never there to wipe my tears.

You weren’t there for me throughout the years.

When I was lonely, you weren’t there.

I guess that’s because you didn’t care.

I could never forgive you for what you did,

Because sometimes I wished I was dead.

Without a mother, I was lost and confused.

If parenting were a contest, you would lose.

Call me or write me, you never did.

How could you do that to your own kid?

You had me, you left me, you never cared,

You are the reason that I was scared.

All those days that I’ve been upset

Will soon become your biggest regret.

You never even called just to say hi.

You never even called just to say goodbye.

Years and years passed and still no word.

The words I love you I never heard.

When I was sick, you didn’t comfort me.

When I was hurt, you didn’t bandage me.

I don’t want you to be a part of my life,

No matter how many times you apologize.

I’m just gonna pretend like you didn’t even exist,

Because you didn’t even give me one last kiss.

You had me, you left me, you never cared.

My most important memories we never shared.


Thank you for reading my column. Until next time, remember: Jesus loves you and Jesus is Lord!