Kramarz one of 40 to attend prestigious aerospace workshop

TRINIDAD — Trinidad State’s ambitious graduate Jennifer Kramarz is doing an internship at NASA at the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia.

Kramarz was one of 40 community college students nationwide who were selected to attend a National Community College Aerospace Scholars workshop at Johnson’s Space Center in Houston, Texas.

One of the trailers used to transport tools and supplies to K-12 students in the area. “NASA is huge on the idea of encouraging and inspiring the next generation of individuals to pursue — STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math — careers and dream big,” said Kramarz.

“I was adding a modification to my robot while sitting in the glorious chaos that is my current robotics ‘lab,’ ”said Kramarz when referring to her actions in the photo to the right.

V5 kits consist of hundreds of parts allowing students complete freedom in designing their robots.

Kramarz built a robot, which will be used as a model to teach instructors how to use the V5 kits, as she demonstrated the robot’s capabilities a the employees’ Fall Festival at Wallops Flight Facility.

“By using a sensor that detects color and shape, I had programmed my robot to track the cube autonomously,” said Kramarz.  “Basically, I was taking it for a walk.”

Kramarz was the lead electronics person for an early version of the Scout-E robot at Trinidad State built in 2018.

She designed and soldered the circuit board to run its electronics.


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