Ladies Aid new cookbook's out

CREEDE — The Ladies Aid Society (LAS) has published a new cookbook, “Recipes form the Upper Rio Grande, Vol. II.”

Containing 395 recipes submitted by Creede residents and friends, the cookbook is highlighted by historic pictures of Creede from the late 1800s through the early 1900s. The pictures, contributed by the Creede Historical Society, are found throughout the book on chapter dividers. The theme of the book ties to the 125th birthday of Creede as an incorporated city.

The front picture by Dr. Michelle Richardson is Creede’s Main Street as it looks today- quite a contrast.
The Ladies Aid first produced the “Recipes from the Upper Rio Grande” cookbook a number of years ago and sold more than 1,300 of the book. As with all money earned by the LAS, proceeds from that book went to help individuals who need assistance. The new book, “Recipes from the Upper Rio Grande, Vol. II” will sell for $15. The cookbook is not only popular with area residents but is a nice souvenir for visitors.

The cookbook will be available at merchants around Creede who agree to sell for the LAS at no profit to themselves. Places carrying books include: Antler’s Gift Shop, Arp’s, Creede Community Church, Creede Baptist Church, Big River Music, Blue Creek, Blue Yak, Chere Waters, Cottonwood Gifts, Dr. Richardson, Downstream Gifts & Gas, Elk Country, Kentucky Belle Grocery, Keri’s Kutrz (South Fork), Mountain View RV, Off Broadway, Ooh La Spa, Rare Things, San Juan Sports, Tomkins Hardware and the Creede Trading Post.

Ladies Aid wants to thank the people in these businesses who take extra time to handle the cookbooks. Their help puts the cookbooks out where they are easily available to the public. Without that it would be impossible for LAS to sell so many books. In a small community where most people have to earn their yearly income in a few short months, these businesses help make it possible for Ladies Aid to carry out its mission.