Laske running to be county commissioner

ALAMOSA — Lori Laske, who has announced that she is running for the Alamosa County Commissioner District 1 seat, was born in Alamosa and has been a resident of Alamosa County District 1 for 41 years. 

Laske mentions that the time she was living out of the district she lived only 150 feet out of the district/county line. 

“I am a third-generation Alamosa and five-generation SLV resident. Walker Road, west of Alamosa, was named after my grandparents. I attended Central Elementary, Evans Middle school, Alamosa Junior High School and Alamosa High School. I went on to receive a Bachelors and Master’s degrees from Adams State University, and I went on to work at Adams State University for 28 years,” Laske said.  “I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, management, and small business.   

“In my career at Adams State University, I have worked with budgets, written policies, strategic planning, evaluation, written grants, fundraising, worked on publications and marketing and worked with a vast diversity of people.” 

Working with alumni and students is the most rewarding.  Laske said she believes in the power of people.  Listening to her constituents is where she learns the most.”

Said Laske: “I love being able to know the concerns, ideas,and opportunities of the community and working for that.” 

In addition to working at ASU, Laske and her husband have a small business and a small ranch.

“Operating a small business, I understand the need for economic development and the importance of tourism to the Valley,” she said. “I live it daily. I have dealt with state and federal regulations as a small business.

“Having a small ranch, I know the concerns with the water as we have surface water rights. 

“I believe the preservation of our water is one of the most critical issues on the horizon, and I am ready to fight for our water and our rural way of life.

Laske is a past member of GFWC Woman’s Citizenship Club of Alamosa, Optimist Club, Steering Committee for SLV Rural Philanthropy Days, ASU Alumni Association and numerous other boards and committees. She states that one of her current interests is helping revitalize Mount Pleasant School, a one-room schoolhouse in the community. She enjoys working together with amazing people to accomplish goals.

Laske has been married to her husband, Aaron, for 27 years. 

“I am blessed with three amazing children and my nephew, who I have raised since he was 12,” Laske said.   “My kids have various accomplishments, including attending ASU, an AA from ASU, attending (Trinidad State Junior College), attending OJC, rodeo teams, enlisting in the Navy and working in the community. 

“I like going to my kids’ school events and their extra-curricular activities like rodeos.”

She added: “I have wanted to serve this county for several years, and now the timing is right. I have been waiting for this opportunity.

“I want to work on economic development, address drug and mental health issues, improve services for our veterans, improve county roads, and increase services for our youth and our seniors. 

“Most of all, I want to hear from citizens in my district about their needs.  I am ready to fight for rural areas, for our water and for the residents of Alamosa County. 

Laske is running under the Republican Party.


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