Les Amis to perform in Crestone at Shumei January 28

CRESTONE — Join Shumei at 2 p.m. on Sunday, January 28th at Shumei International Institute for an afternoon of amazing music.

Drawing from a genuine appreciation of diverse musical traditions, Les Amis offers creative interpretations of music from around the world. The listener will hear everything from Bach to Klezmer, and from Tangos to Gypsy waltzes. There is also an honest love for the rich history of Brazilian Choro with its unique use of the mandolin and guitar. Les Amis is an acoustic experience unlike any other. Former Crestone resident Heath Ellis travels back home with his band to share an experience like no other. There is a suggested $10 donation at the door, all proceeds benefit the artists.

Guitarist Brian Esau studied classical guitar with Alex Komodore at Metro State University while simultaneously studying Hindustani Classical music of North India with guru Roshan Jamal Bhartiya. After graduation Brian decided to move to Spain with his now wife to study Spanish and Flamenco music. He ended up playing guitar in a Spanish folk ensemble and performed in the fabled Carnival celebrations in Cadiz, Spain. His collaborators said that if he was not the first foreigner to perform in Carnaval de Cadiz, he was surely the second. In more recent years Brian was a founding member of the art rock band Radical Knitting Circle. While he’s not playing music, Brian is a social worker in Denver supporting some of Denver’s most vulnerable populations. 

Bass player Adam Kraus is an extremely talented, self taught bassist. His journey in music started back in Illinois where as a young lad he took musical lessons on the piano, trumpet and bass. He eventually focused exclusively on the bass and has been performing with various groups ever since. His solid ear facilitates his ability to drive the tune while remaining true to the cultural spirit of the music. Adam enjoys all types of music and is inspired by the beautiful wonders of Colorado.

Mandolin player and former Crestone resident Heath Ellis’s extensive travels abroad have given him an honest appreciation for music’s place in culture. He comes at this project with an honest love for world folk traditions and street music yet is bolstered by a university music degree and a love of classical music. His creative efforts seek to apply the sounds of the mandolin to the interpretation of world traditions; from Eastern European Gypsy music to the Choros of Brazil and from the famous 20th Century mandolin composers to as far back as J.S. Bach, all music has a unique cultural significance. When not playing music Heath works for El Sistema, an organization dedicated to creating social change through music education for under-resourced youth.

Caption: Brian Esau, Adam Kraus and Heath Ellis are Les Amis. Join them on Sunday, January 28th at 2 p.m. at Shumei in Crestone./Courtesy photo