Let the fun begin

Trout Republic

As you know, Miss Trixie and I arrived safe and sound once again in Colorful Colorado and we are glad to be out of that Texas heat and into this nice cool weather.

It didn't take long for Miss Trixie to get us busy with activities and just this past week we were able to score some wild asparagus, make two trips to Amish Country, do a Wal-Mart run and have supper with dear friends.

Not only that but Ol’ Dutch crowded in two stints driving the van for Mountain Man Rafting/ Narrow Ridge Outdoors, so I had a little money to boot. I really do enjoy that job as it lets me be along the Rio Grande River every day and who can ask for anything more than that?

It is kind of a long story about my love affair with the mighty Rio which all began when I was 6 years old, and our family was driving through South Fork. I took one look at the South Fork River and began to lobby to stay here to fish that stream.

I don't know if my begging and pleading did any good or maybe my dad, Fast Freddy, was just ready to stop for the day but soon we found ourselves in a cabin on the river and I got to fish in that clear stream. My mother’s postcard home to the grandparents proudly declared that I had caught six fish my first time using a fly rod.

The rest is history, I suppose, as we began coming here every summer to vacation and cool off. This year marks 61 years that Ol’ Dutch has been fishing these wonderful streams and hiking the beautiful forests.

My dream was always to live here in the mountains and so when I retired at 52 years old, I moved here permanently and have not looked back since. That isn't the only milestone being marked this year as Miss Trixie and I celebrate 12 great years together – although she may want to downgrade a few of those to mediocre.

It's been a real blessing to be in such a wonderful place. I encourage you to get outside this summer as much as you can and enjoy God’s creation.

And don't forget all the other activities coming up such as Creede Bingo on Monday nights, the South Fork city garage sale, the Creede Ladies Aid sale, the Amish dinners and Amish auction, the Farmers Market in South Fork, Logger days and the list goes on and on and on.

Ol’ Dutch has been fishing quite a bit. I can report that they are biting well and taste wonderful prepared in foil out on the grill. Miss Trixie, Cooper and I have been dining regularly on flakey Rainbow Trout. I hope you wet your line and get some for yourself, too.

I have already mentioned that Mountain Man/ NRO was already running raft trips and you really should make it a priority to get over to South Fork and take a guided trip on the Rio.

The water is high, and the rafting is superb so call Mountain Man/ Narrow Ridge Outdoors today at (719) 873-0188 and schedule your summer fun while enjoying a 10% discount through the month of June if you mention Trout Republic, Ol’ Dutch or Miss Trixie.

They also offer guided kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, rock climbing and other outdoor pursuits so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

And if that is not enough incentive there is a high likelihood that Miss Trixie and maybe even Ol’ Dutch will be driving you to the unloading spot. Then you can gauge for yourself what a long-suffering wonderful person she must be to put up with Ol’ Dutch.

Drop a line if you’re bored and need recommendations for activity in the area, Miss Trixie just loves to put people into motion. Hope to see you soon enjoying this wonderful state and all this area has to offer.


Kevin Kirkpatrick and his Yorkie, Cooper, fish, hunt, ATV or hike daily. His email is [email protected]. Additional news can be found at www.troutrepublic.com or on Twitter at TroutRepublic.