Letter ot the Editor: Shout out to Ski Hi Theatre

This is a tremendous SHOUT OUT to Fran Eigenberg and the Ski Hi Six Theatre!  Fran has graciously donated the production and screen time for an awesome 17-second movie trailer with this slogan:  “Disconnect and reconnect with family and friends.  For a stronger San Luis Valley, GET INVOLVED.”

The Alamosa County Prevention Coalition, also known as “Alamosa Cares,” envisions a community where people help each other reach their maximum potential.  We are committed to increasing healthy lifestyle choices for everyone. One thing we offer is resources and information to help parents talk to kids about tobacco, alcohol or drugs.

Why “Prevention?”   Helping our youth learn to enjoy activities with family and friends will set them on a healthy path, without need for tobacco, alcohol or drugs.  So, like the movie trailer shows, let’s put down our phones and devices and “reconnect” with outdoor activities, reading together, playing games, sharing a meal and yes, going out to the movies together (admittedly a BIG SCREEN)!    

Thank you Fran and Ski Hi Six Theatres for your support for our youth and families.  For more information go to alamosacares.org or call 719-589-6639. For similar San Luis Valley groups see sanluisvalleyprevention.org.

Suzanne DeVore

“Alamosa Cares”