Letter: Question 1A crucial to economy

The November Alamosa County ballot will include Alamosa County Ballot Question 1A, an initiative asking you the Alamosa voters to allow Alamosa County to opt out of SB 152. If this sounds familiar, it should. City of Alamosa residents just voted last year to do the same thing within city limits.

SB-152, among other requirements, requires local governments to get voter approval before entering into any type of public/private partnership that allows telecommunication services. The law limits the ability of the local government in providing free internet in public government owned facilities, but perhaps even more importantly keeps them, from partnering with private business to be able to use infrastructure owned by the county to provide affordable high speed internet service to our residents. A “yes” vote allows the County to form those partnerships and help our community get quality internet service faster.

From an economic development standpoint, access to high speed internet is crucial to bring business to our community. A “yes” vote on Alamosa County Ballot Question 1A is a vote toward helping build a future for our residents.

Randy Wright

Executive Director Alamosa County

Economic Development Corp

Director Alamosa County

Chamber of Commerce


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