Letter to editor: Alamosa Pharmacy closes doors, thanks customers

We are sincerely sorry that for a number of reasons we will be closing the last independent store that has been in existence for 23 years. We have enjoyed serving Alamosa and the surrounding areas all these years.

Since the advent of the computer, the pharmaceutical companies, pharmacy benefit managers, private insurance, and wholesalers now determine what they will pay the pharmacy. In many cases they will pay the pharmacy less than the invoice price commonly referred to as, “Take it or leave it.”

The contracts we sign are binding and the pharmacy takes what it can, often losing money.

It would be impossible to thank all the patients that entrusted the Alamosa Pharmacy with their prescriptions. We want to thank SLV Medical Hospital, employees, and staff for their hospitality. Our sincere thanks to all our patients, physicians, physician assistants, nurses, hospice, the Bridge, Blue Peaks, nursing homes and Alamosa Pharmacy employees that we have known throughout the years. We met many wonderful people in the last 23 years whom we will miss and never forget.

We have worked hard to stay in business, but the big corporation competition and persistent loss of money has made it difficult for us to stay in business. We thank you for your patronage, loyalty and trust.

Walgreens now has all of Alamosa Pharmacy files.


Alamosa Pharmacy staff