Letter to editor: Pilots inconvenienced at the Alamosa regional airport

I am Don Burton and I live in the San Luis Valley. I am a private pilot and have been renting a Cessna airplane from the airport. I also have paid an instructor at the local airport to give me a bi-annual flight review every two years to stay current to fly.

For the past 20 some years I have been renting a plane to show people the beauty of the San Luis Valley from the air.

On August 2nd of this year I went to the airport to rent a plane and pay an instructor to give me my bi-annual flight review. On this day I found NO plane to rent. I found NO instructor to give me my bi-annual flight review.

Did those who control the San Luis Valley Regional Airport THINK of the INCONVENICENE this would be to pilots like myself? There are no other alternative planes to rent or instructors to pay for flight instructions.

Don Burton



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