Letter to the Editor: A note of thanks

I’m writing this note as a big thank you for those of you who supported me during my time of convalescence from a pedestrian accident. I received visits, cards, letters, flowers, gifts, phone calls, emails and mostly, lots of love. I can’t tell you enough how much that means when you are laid up and trying to get well. 

Just an added note:  PLEASE, while driving, watch for pedestrians. There are many out shopping and lots of young ones running around. Take the time to STOP and give pedestrians the right of way on cross walks and shopping areas where there are no signals. AND, most of all, by all means, stop for buses. The children are our future. Treat them with the most of kindness and deference when they are on the street.

Again, thank you all for being there for me.

Rick Manzanares


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