Letter to the editor: A response to MV Councilor Joe Schlabach

Joe, you’re a good man. But this kind of attack has no place in our town or valley. Not sure where this came from except that someone is very worried about retaining his city council seat. You talk about our group as if we were career politicians. Let me explain something. Dale Becker doesn’t need another job. Victor Sigala certainly doesn’t need another job. And I guarantee you I don’t need one. We are all doing this for one reason. We all love this town. And what we want to accomplish will be done in four years or we’ve failed. Because none of us is running again. If we can’t establish a new atmosphere and attitude in this community in our first year, again we will have failed.

Councilor Martinez is a good person, as are you and Carol. There is just not enough commitment to defeating drugs (has any of the four of you had the honesty to actually declare your stand—for or against—and no more rhetoric about “the will of the people”. We’ve personally seen what the four of you have done when faced with that!) and attracting new business. With over 40 vacant store fronts and a ballot issue promoting pot shops to fill them, we just had to say, “Enough is enough!”

The three of us are not well versed in how and why things CANNOT be done. So we’re just naïve enough to actually fix problems instead of rehearsing them. And we intend to work very hard to count both you and Councilor Schroeder in on our efforts. Please take your own mayor’s advice and attack the issues—not the candidate!

Please vote Gary & Victor—and not the incumbent—“YOU GOTTA DO THE BOTTOM TWO” (on your ballot) for real change and real growth! AND NO ON 2B!

Gary Johnson
Candidate for MV City Council


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