Letter to the editor: ACEDC supports SB152 opt out

The Board of Directors of Alamosa County Economic Development Corporation has voted to support the upcoming ballot initiative to exempt the City of Alamosa from the constraints of SB 152. Opting out of this bill will encourage additional broadband infrastructure investment in the city of Alamosa. Allowing private entities access to numerous city owned assets such as conduits and fiber optic cables should lower the overall costs of installing additional broadband infrastructure throughout the community. We believe the city will experience significant economic and social benefits from the passage of this initiative. Current businesses can expand and new businesses will be able to relocate to Alamosa since broadband availability is such a crucial component to success in today’s environment. The city has offered to make city owned assets appropriately available to private companies if the voters remove the restrictions imposed by SB 152, thereby assisting a timelier and economically viable broadband deployment in Alamosa.

I would encourage Alamosa residents to make an informed decision and vote for additional broadband investments in Alamosa.

Randy Wright
Executive Director ACEDC


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