Letter to the Editor: Additional advice on snake bites

I enjoyed the advice and informative article on snake bite treatment in the SLV. I wish Dr. Bell would have included three points on snake bite treatment and prevention.

First, proper clothing and footwear is essential. High leather boots and long pants are necessary I snake country. Forget the cool designer “look” of socks, low cut shoes and shorts. Looking cool does not impress dangerous animals.

Second, hikes, runs, etc. should not be done alone. A cell phone may not have service in all areas. A companion with transportation may be the only way to get you to timely medical evaluation and treatment. Let others know your route and time schedule.

Third, some people take their dog(s) along for a hike and should be advised there are snake shots are available for your dog. They increase the dog’s chances of survival if bitten.

Hugh L. Pucha

Del Norte