Letter to the Editor: Alamosa Streets Fund

This November residents will be able to determine the future of streets in Alamosa.  After much research and discussion, we have put a question on the ballot asking you, as residents, to approve a ½ cent dedicated sales tax for street improvements.  The dedicated tax would be 100 percent used on those street projects identified in Resolution 13-2019. The list and a map of streets that would be improved are on the City’s webpage at www.cityofalamosa.org/alamosa-streets-trust-fund.

The tax would sunset after 10 years and is expected to bring in about $1.3 million per year.   If voters approve the dedicated sales tax, we will be able to reconstruct 16 streets and provide overlay and slurry seal maintenance on miles of roads.  Without the sales tax, we will only be able to afford the completion of First Street and work on State Avenue during that same 10-year timeframe.

If approved and someone spent $2, they would pay an extra $0.01 to be dedicated to the streets.  If someone spent $100, they would pay $0.50 for streets.

A volunteer Citizen Street Committee prioritized the streets that were selected for the dedicated streets sales tax.   Eli Heredia - a volunteer on the Citizen Streets Committee - shared his thoughts on the tax: “This is a smart, safe, solid plan to improve and maintain our city streets. Our streets take a beating day after day, year after year, season after season with no end in sight. Making a financial adjustment to ensure we can keep up with the wear and tear for the next ten years is a smart choice. I support this dedicated tax because it’s good for Alamosa and it’s the right choice!”  We hope that you join with Eli in supporting improvements to keep Alamosa moving forward and vote YES on the ballot this November!

Mayor and City Council

Ty Coleman

Liz Hensley

Charlie Griego

David Broyles

Michael Carson

Jan Vigil

Kristina Daniel