Letter to the editor: An invitation to be scared — and motivated

Have you ever wanted to be scared? Ya know, like going to a scary movie? Seems something paradoxical goes on in us. We want some of what makes us uncomfortable - Is this a default motivation thing?  Moved to be afraid. Huh? Ya have to wonder.

Fear can make us “run to our mommy” or help us become a stronger person when we stand up to our fears.

My point in saying this is, a bit of insight, and my experience when it comes to “public speaking.” I think I have part of the answer... Toastmasters International.  At present that is my choice in helping me meet my fears head on … here’s where I’ve found some nice friendly folks — good helpful feedback — and a place to be afraid and motivated at the same time.

Yes, there is a chapter of Toastmasters International that meets here in Alamosa at The Bridge every Monday at noon.  In fact we (as in yes I joined) are presenting an event to help educate and inspire you with techniques you can use during and in preparation for a job interview... ...Helping us with another scary-put yourself out there thing we all have to do in life.

This will be interactive. But don’t come expecting perfect speaker role models. We are all learning and that’s part of what’s good about our Toastmasters group.... Friendly, easy to entreat, with some good honest feedback … a place you can be scared, educated and motivated with real people meeting their fears head on and trying their hand at being better communicators in our small rural community — By participating in Toastmasters International.

So don’t be scared, come join us on June 18th at the Bridge at 3407 Carroll Street at noon in the gym for our special event, “Rock your Interview.”

You may have tips to share or you may want to pickup a few. Let’s see if we can scare, educate and motivate us all at the same time. See you there.

Evelyn Sprouse Rowe


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