Letter to the editor: An open letter to Cory Gardner

Saturday evening I joined about 200 “unpaid” Coloradans outside your dinner at Adams State University in Alamosa. I was struck with the truly positive nature of the group. I spoke with folks who were there from Durango, Pueblo, and all points in between. It was an interesting mix of retirees, young families, cowboys, students, even a couple of sign carrying cocker spaniels! All with a common desire to speak with our elected and paid senator.

Mr. Gardner, the thing that struck me the most was the amazing amount of taxpayer money and resources that were expended to insulate you from your constituents. More than 25 police officers/security personnel (that I saw to count), fire trucks, ambulances, and a rumored swat team. All were activated to protect you from a group of your constituents who basically just wanted to speak with you. You are our fellow Coloradan, neighbor, and paid elected official. Please show us the respect we deserve by holding town hall meetings ‘in person” in Colorado.

We felt rather silly running around the building trying to find the entrance you might use. I felt as though we were trying to track down Elvis! Unfortunately Mr. Gardner, you are not a rock star, alas, you are just our elected representative. We should not have to work so hard to speak to our senator. Hope to see you in person soon. We really aren’t so scary!


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