Letter to the editor: Apology made for actions

To Sheriff Jackson and people of Alamosa County,

My name is Hector H. Salcido. I am writing this letter to let whomever know that I would like to apologize to everyone from the Alamosa County Sheriff’s Department and to the people whom this incident affected. I am so sorry for my actions and am in the process of repaying my debt to society. I would like to apologize to Sheriff Jackson for breaking his trust in me and also endangering the staff of the sheriff’s department. I have had a lot of time to think of my actions and truly wish I could have done things different! So from the bottom of my heart I am so sorry.

To the community I would like to apologize for my actions in this situation and hope that anyone that sees my mistake can learn and do the right thing even in a bad situation. I caused harm to the community, sheriff’s department, and the housed inmates, and especially my family with my actions.

I have been thinking about this and want to come out of this a better man from my experience. I have caused great shame to my family and myself from this. I know that what I did was wrong and I hope that everyone can forgive me for my mistake.

Hector H. Salcido


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