Letter to the editor: Bibles for troops

Today I received my monthly letter request from American Bible Society asking me to “please send our brave warriors the Bibles they are pleading for...” 

They need to raise $250,000 to rush Bibles to our troops as their Army chaplain says they have been without Bibles for a while now and the soldiers are starving for God’s word. “These men and women of our military are risking their lives and guarding our security in war zones and lonely outposts around the world.” 

My question is and was why are the churches not sending Bibles to our soldiers? I personally feel this is part of their responsibility but found after several phone calls , they are not aware of this need, nor has it been brought to their attention. 

So now churches of all denominations valleywide, statewide, countrywide; I am making you aware of this need and those of us who have extra Bibles, I am sure would be willing to donate them to the churches if we are made aware of a drop off point. Should you need or want confirmation of the above information, you can reach American Bible Society toll-free at 1-866-895-4448, 101 N. Independence Mall E. FL8, Philadelphia, PA 19106-2155, AmericanBible.org/Bibles for Troops

Sincerely yours,

Roseanna Scheffer



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