Letter to the editor: Book cooperative adjusts fundraising goal

The Narrow Gauge Book Cooperative Board of Directors would like to announce a shift in our current fundraising goal from $86,000 to $54,100 needed by June 1st in order to commit to opening. This translates to six months operating expenses - plenty of time to get our bearings and establish a foothold downtown.

We have already received over $30,000 in overwhelming support from a community that will not accept the loss of a beloved San Luis Valley asset. This is 55 percent of our goal in under two weeks of being live: $480 rolled in at last night's open-house event, the first following our highly successful kick-off party. Open-house events include a spread of delicious food and drink, music (thanks to Company of Friends), books for sale, and opportunities to buy in to the Narrow Gauge Book Cooperative. Be sure to see what all the fuss is about at our next event!

A cooperative is a private business owned by YOU, the community that will be making use of it. Different levels of membership and ownership exist, from simply committing to $10 a month (which receives a standing 5 percent discount) to becoming a $500 Preferred Stock owner (which receives 6 percent dividends should the business become profitable). We are in need of robust community buy-in now so that we can establish a deep-rooted convergence of reading, education, culture, art, and communion. To contribute to the opening of a cherished community bookstore, feel free to stop by one of our open-house events, May 15th or 24th from 5:15 - 7 p.m. Alternatively, visit www.indiegogo.com or Facebook and search 'Save the Narrow Gauge Bookstore.'

Brandon Cox