Letter to the editor: Cannabis movement will continue

I want to thank all the voters who voted for medical and retail marijuana shops this year. This grassroots movement was born from a need to have safe access and local jobs and tax revenue for our city. I was disappointed it didn’t pass, but the overwhelming community support before and after the vote, makes me believe that it was due to low voter turn out. Also, this ballot question was not a now or never vote. We will continue to fight for patients’ and consumers’ right to safe access and to help those who want to work in this industry. The city council can see the support that was there for it and should not ignore the will of those who signed the petition and voted. The “against” votes were hardly a mandate to keep pot out of Alamosa. We will continue to fight for legal access and jobs in this industry. The city council members I spoke to were also surprised it failed and stated that if questions had been on the ballot last year (general election) or next year (during mid term elections) that it would have a better chance to pass. I suggested that they put their own questions up for a vote along with a reasonable tax imbedded in it, on the ballot next year without the citizens initiative process. I will also lobby for the county commissioners to ask the county voters to allow retail facilities in the county for next year’s mid term election. This is not over, we are not going away. We will do what we can to bring this industry here to Alamosa.

Addressing the letter Mr. Broyles wrote, it is worth noting that the “clean” city he refers to in this letter is obviously not Alamosa. He is disengaged, and his privilege is showing when he makes remarks about the drug problem subject. Meth, heroin, prescription pills, alcohol and all the crimes that go with their use are prominent and happen daily here and what’s more, our city doesn’t have marijuana shops, so who is to blame for this? Dr’s? Pharmacies? Addicts with no rehab options? Alamosa has a lot of opportunity to clean up, but it’s just not there yet.

Also, in his 10 min visit to High Valley Healing Alamosa, David Broyles was able to make such a clear judgement that we don’t help people, that we only want to make a buck. Well that may be how your mind twists things but to be exact, I have helped more people to get off dangerous drugs and replace it with a harm reductive herb and I’m proud of it! What have you done to directly address the drug problem David? I’m sure you’ve prayed for them but really, what have you done, what action have you taken?  My guess is you are far too busy recruiting businesses to open here rather than participate in anything related to this epidemic.

As for pharmacists and dr’s prescribing and administering the benefits of medical marijuana, he just doesn’t get it. They have been doling out deadly concoctions and dosages that have killed people for 80+ years They know nothing of medical cannabis or other cannabinoids because of the old catch 22, not FDA approved, not enough studies etc….In my honest opinion, cannabis doesn’t belong in the same shop as those types of drugs. It is non toxic and not deadly so why should it sit side by side with Oxycontin? Pharmacists shouldn’t be given the privilege of having this healing herb alongside pill sized killers like opiates and other harmful drugs they give to hurting people.

Cannabis is not going away and neither are cannabis supporters.


Shanna Hobbs

Citizens for Cannabis


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