Letter to the editor: Caucus participant supports McDonald for sheriff

Rio Grande County Citizens:

As a long time resident of the Rio Grande County, I have participated in the caucus process in recent years, including this year. So I have heard all the candidates speak, and have researched their backgrounds. From that knowledge, I wholeheartedly support Don McDonald for Rio Grande County Sheriff.

Don has the extensive law enforcement experience that the county needs, as well as the leadership, management and budgeting skills needed to run the department. In addition, Rio Grande County needs someone who knows the fire protocol too, especially with the extreme fire situation this year and in the years to come. Don has that experience too, along with training across many specialties. With his knowledge and experience, and his willingness to reach out, listen to and work with the citizens of the county, he would serve us well.

Please vote for Don McDonald for Rio Grande County Sheriff.

Terry Hillin

Monte Vista


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