Letter to the editor: Census sense

Ms. Sharon Corcoran is apparently so dismayed with facts that she insists they be banned by congressional edict. In our next census she demands any accurate assessment or even inquiry of how many “illegal immigrants”/”undocumented workers” inhabit the United States not even be asked, lest it inflict proper paranoia on the part of these criminal invaders. That this question has historical precedent and present purpose is irrelevant to Ms. Corcoron’s xenophilic zeal and anti-actual American bias. Ms. Corcoron even repeats the moronic and ironic memes that NOT counting these criminal invaders will “unfairly” deny them the representation and resources that they do NOT “merit,” even as it would also indicate the drain and deficits these non-citizens inflict upon the indigenous.

That PRESIDENT TRUMP has even offered — for the very first time — an actual path to citizenship is anathema since that might remove them from the shadows of political and economic exploitation that both professional Parties inflict. It might also “unfairly” establish their status as Chumps, Sharon’s functional definition of “citizenship”!

It has become a point of perverse reverse “pride” for the perpetually aggrieved, politically intolerant and hypocritically hysterical to excoriate or “resist” anything said or done by our current and legitimate POTUS — even if he says or actually does what previous PC predecessors have only lied about or ignored — after election.

Ms. Corcoron insists therefore that “our congressman” Tipton intervene and rather than legislate Immigration Reform or efforts to ameliorate this mutual plight upon America that he instead exercise prior restraint upon the census. Instead I would insist that if congressperson Tipton so abuses our trust that we, the legitimate voters of America return him to citizen Scott status, where he can commiserate in Crestone with Sharon with the freedom of expression and assembly from That Old Rag that Sharon holds in such contempt.

Jeffrey H. Miller



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