Letter to the Editor: Colorado’s insane ballot process

Just in case you haven’t read the ‘Blue Book’ describing the issues on the current ballot—some I have spoken with tossed the whole thing without attempting to read it—there is still hope. I completely understand the attitude of those who have chosen to discard the entire indecipherable volume. One ‘TITLE’ of the proposed amendment takes up ALMOST 1/2 PAGE! This has to be fixed. And hopefully our new representatives will take on that challenge. But I said there was hope. So here’s a suggestion that came up while discussing this problem with some friends. Forget the TITLE. On this ballot there are some VERY MISLEADING TITLES Next read the ARGUMENTS FOR and AGAINST Then read the FISCAL IMPACT PERIOD If the FOR / AGAINST arguments and FISCAL IMPACT both lead you to the same conclusion, then your choice is simple: If you agree with AGAINST and the COST SCARES YOU then VOTE NO. On the other hand if you agree with the FOR argument and there is added revenue instead of (or just minimal) cost then VOTE YES. If those two perspectives do not agree you will have to delve further. But in our case we usually gave greater credence to the FISCAL IMPACT and chose to vote with our pocketbooks. Not a perfect solution but better than going with what sounds good in the title or what hype is presented in the media by either side or hiring an attorney to translate. But please don’t choose against voting altogether or just guess. At least one amendment will bring the legislative process in all of Colorado to a grinding halt if passed and others that sound good will provide more cost than benefit. SO PLEASE VOTE. Just do it intelligently. Gary Johnson Monte Vista


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