Letter to the editor: Community makes 90th special

July 14th was a wonderful day for my mom, Lorraine Hines. It was her 90th birthday. She said it was the best birthday she has ever had!

I want to thank everyone who made the day so special for her. Thank you to our family in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Florida for beautiful flowers, nice gifts, cards, text messages and phone calls.

Mom is enjoying over 30 birthday cards thanks to Elise Rudolph for starting the card shower. Thank you to everyone at the First United Methodist Church who sent cards.

Thanks to everybody at Chili’s who made mom feel special. The food was great, too! Thank you Lane and Dusty Honn for her pretty cad, big hugs and bringing Scamp over to brighten her day by doing cute tricks. Thanks to Sue and Jay Robinson for completing our evening with more hugs, a nice card and delicious milkshakes from Sonic.

The fun continued July 15th. Thanks go out to Chris Collins “John Denver” for singing Happy Birthday to mom during his performances.

I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude for such a lovely birthday for my precious mom.

THANKS AGAIN to one and all!


Elizabeth (Liz) Chambers,

Lorraine Hines’ daughter


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