Letter to the Editor: Complaints about SLVREC!

We have an on-demand water heater, and the praised REC energy efficient ETS heaters in our house. Both these appliances will bite us in the butt with the on-demand charge. We are now considering moving to Propane which of course means we will lose a lot of money paying for new appliances.

But my main concern is another. Our REC buys our power from TriState, a power company that uses mainly fossil fuel and has not shown it is supporting renewables under all circumstances. We, our planet, our children and grandchildren need us to respond to this climate change at ALL COST!

Buy-back PV systems, solar farms and home solar installations need to be supported and rewarded!

This is going to have to be a grassroots movement because our government is looking the other way. We in Colorado and the SLV have solar and wind energy so readily available we MUST take action and demand of our power companies to shift their focus to renewables as well as support individual home installations.

Please support the board of SLVREC in making these changes!

Thank you for listening,

Kirsten Schreiber