Letter to the editor: Councilman shares stand on illegal drugs

When I was growing up my mother was a Houston Police Officer and she taught my brother and I to say no to illegal drugs by example and by the way she lived her life. As a community leader, I try to do the same. I work a lot with the youth in our community as a football coach, as a volunteer reader in the Alamosa Literacy Council, as a community advocate for Save the Children, and as a volunteer facilitator for the Center for Restorative Programs. I strongly discourage the use and sale of all illegal drugs! The use and sale of illegal drugs goes against what I teach our kids and goes against what I stand for.  I encourage you to lead by example and be the positive change that you would like to see in our community.  

The marijuana issues on the ballot are citizen initiated and the outcome will be determined by the voters of Alamosa. City council will have to abide by whatever the voters decide on the marijuana issues.

Ty Coleman