Letter to the Editor: Deer are not a problem

I’m not sure who I need to say this to. You have put two letters in your paper about the deer problem. I don’t feel they are a problem. They were both very good letters but the second one by Aileen Peek a few days ago on 3/13 was very well put.

I have deer in my yard at 13th and Hunt every day and they leave a lot of droppings to aid to my lawn but they are so beautiful and this was their place first. They love the crab apple trees I have and which they eat so I don’t have to pick them up all the time when fall comes. I try to plant flowers they won’t eat since my front yard is not fenced. They also like the Russian Olive bushes in front, not my favorite due to the thorns but they came with the house.

We can’t kill off some of them. There can’t be that many here. I see them around town in small groups. I am afraid someone will hit them as a lot of people go too fast and don’t pay attention well.

I hope the city will come to a good decision about them other than killing.

Thank you for your time.

Sharon Ridlon