Letter to the Editor: Driving circle lessons

If you have your driver’s license, there’s a chance you’ve seen the flashing blue and red lights pull behind you. Fear, anger, or frustration fills your body as you have to roll down the window and hear the ultimate critiquing of your driving-- which no one likes hearing. For the first time since I obtained my driving license, I got a ticket.

Getting a ticket seems so simple and the process doesn’t seem so bad, in reality, it’s absolutely awful. I’ve had to go to a driving circle, do community service, and more; however, I learned a lot, my driving got better, and now I’m going to share with you my experience in hopes that I can reach fellow angsty teens.

First and foremost, speeding will not benefit you at all-- I know, shocking. Unless you’re going a significant number over the speed limit, you will not cut more than one to two minutes. It seems crazy, right? And if you CAN go over a very significant and not wreck your car and possibly injury/kill yourself or others in the car or on the road, have a fun time not getting a ticket. Even if this doesn’t change your mind, next time you’re running late, go the speed limit. You’ll get there the same time you would if you would’ve sped.

I’m not lecturing or telling you how to drive because that’s a pet peeve everyone has in some way. But let me just ask you all something? How hard is it to put down your phone when driving? Even if it’s urgent, pull over. You’re risking your life and others. But I know, you’re invincible and don’t want to hear it. If you can’t put your phone down, at least put on your seatbelt. Oh, it’s uncomfortable? How do you think your loved ones are going to react to that when they get the news you got seriously injured from wreck due to your phone. But that was because you were speeding on top of not wearing your seatbelt while still on your phone, right?

There’s nothing wrong with your driving… unless it’s completely unsafe. Then maybe consider some better habits. It’s a New Year. Stay happy and enjoy your youth. You only get it once; don’t waste it being irresponsible on the road.

Chrystal Lopez


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