Letter to the editor: Early Iron ranks at the top

For the past 25 years I had heard through the motorsports clubs about the Early Iron Car Show held on Labor Day weekend in Alamosa. This year was the first time I could actually participate in this well respected event.

I must tell you, I have been to all kinds of public events over the years in towns throughout our great states and in my opinion, Alamosa’s Early Iron event ranks right at the top.

Kudos to Jeff Woodward and all the club members who work so hard to make this event happen. Kudos also to Sheriff Jackson and all of the law enforcement folks who had to direct traffic, stay around all night to protect some mighty rare and expensive vehicles and be away from their families for the weekend.

Lastly thanks so much to Marian Montoya and her family for escorting me around for the weekend so I could see for myself the positive economic impact the car culture had on Alamosa.

Ben Nighthorse Campbell

U.S. Senator retired


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