Letter to the editor: Ecords have contributed much to aviation community

To the aviation community of Colorado and surrounding states,

We would like to recognize and express our gratitude to Ron and Vicki Ecord of Mountain View Aeromotive for their many years of dedicated service. Their commitment in running the Alamosa FBO in such a professional manner for over the past 35 years has made them a tremendous asset to not only our local aviation community but the entire state. Ron’s reputation in aircraft inspection, repair and engine overhaul capabilities has been well respected in the state.

Those of us in aviation have come to rely on Ron for his exceptional knowledge and abilities. He and Vicki were instrumental in nurturing and building their business which has enhanced and helped our Alamosa Regional Airport grow and encouraged economic development for our community.

We join many others who are sad to see them leave. It is Del Norte’s gain and Alamosa’s loss. A big thank you to Ron and Vicki for all your hard work and we wish you more continued success in the future.


Tim and Marsha Gallagher



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