Letter to the editor: Enough is enough

Somewhere in Florida tonight there are 17 empty beds. Seventeen families with empty hearts. Somewhere in Washington there are 1000 politicians trying to figure out how they can spin this tragedy. Some will look for real answers and others will try to figure out how to twist this tragedy so it can be used to bolster their base. But across America there are three hundred million people that have had enough. It’s said that death is the price of freedom. That saying was never meant to apply to children.

I never fought in a war. But I am ready to fight for the soul of this country. We are in this Democratic Republic petri dish together. What we become is in our hands. The politicians need to get it or get out of the way. Our democracy and children should not be the casualty of some gun lobby. And now is the time for us to stand up and be heard. Enough is Enough!

Chris Collins


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