Letter to the editor: First Cannafest draws 130 attendees

Hey Alamosa! The 1st Annual SLV Cannafest took place on Friday night and what a great response form the community! We anticipated 50-100 but were blessed with over 130 people throughout the event. It was a great feeling knowing that so many people came to learn and become better educated about cannabis and its benefits and of course to see what will be on the shelves at shops when the question passes in November.

The money that was raised, a little over $550, will be used to purchase yard signs that say yes to cannabis and will also be used to buy a large banner and mailers that voters will receive in the coming months. This campaign, titled, “I’m With H.E.R. – heal, educate and restore” will continue to offer workshops and will offer to train and educate those who did not attend the Cannafest.

That being said, I was disappointed that NONE of the “professionals” I invited showed up to learn more about cannabis. Perhaps they were busy or had other plans, but I’m fairly sure some of the more prominent city and county leaders and law enforcement personnel just did not want to be associated with cannabis, which is a shame due to how excited the community is about it. I invited all of Alamosa’s own and five surrounding counties city council members, the county commissioners, police departments, sheriff’s officers and the Department of Human Services and if any of them showed up, I didn’t see them or they didn’t respond to the two emails that were sent.   

Everyone that contributed so generously, we all thank you so much and hope you find the relief and safe access you need to live a better quality of life. A huge thanks to all of our sponsors and musicians who donated their time, talent and knowledge for the benefit of others, you are so special and are heroes in my book!

Find us on Facebook at “4:20 – It’s a Matter of Time Alamosa “

The 1st SLV Cannafest was sponsored by:
High Valley Healing Medical Shop
High Valley Retail Cannabis
Medibles Inc
incredibles Chocolate and Infused products
Open Skies Acupuncture
Keef Cola
Smoker's Haven
Green Acres Hemp Farm
IoVia Precision Cannabis Solutions
Musicians who performed:
T-May and Young Fait
Millenial Will
Gerald “G-Stylez” Rodriguez
Randall Rhan

Peace, love and cannabis,
Shanna Hobbs


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